LBA’s Purpose

  • Investigate, discuss and promote economic growth for its members.
  • Acquaint its members with the products and services offered by other members.
  • Promote better relationships between members and their businesses.
  • Contribute to the growth and development of Lubbock.

The members of the association believe in the free enterprise system and demonstrate that belief by their individual commitment to the association.

LBA Meetings

The LBA meets for breakfast each Friday at 7:00 a.m. at the Lakeridge Country Club, 8802 Vicksburg. Members are encouraged to come early to the meeting in order to socialize with other members, greet guests and catch up on what is new in the business community. LBA members usually present the weekly morning programs. A special time at each meeting is devoted to sharing new business leads and referrals, and to thanking fellow members of the LBA who have been of help to one’s business.

Guest are welcome, free of charge, to all regular meeting of the LBA.  If a guest is a prospective member of the LBA, he or she is usually asked to give a brief description of his or her business to the membership.

Red Shoe Crew

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